Magnolia Thunderpussy, a source of pride and inspiration for Westside LA’s mid-‘80s underground, was the first high school age band to earn a record contract with legendary indie label SST. Musically, MTP fuses myriad influences -- surf, garage, jazz, punk, funk, rock and country -- naturally, and without concern for genre boundaries. Magnolia’s set-lists feature equal doses of high-energy instrumental jams and songs whose lyrics depict a search for identity and the pain and longing that go along with it. While Magnolia originally disbanded in 1986 before making an album, the group has recently re-formed and is releasing Starin’ Down the Sun", a collection of their 1985 studio recordings and a full live performance. MTP is playing out again, so be sure to see the band in their element. James Fenton of the Treacherous Jaywalkers says: “Magnolia [is] a live experience. Each gig [is] something unexpected, and something ineffably beautiful.
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