Get your OFFICIAL Magnolia Thunderpussy t-shirt!


Get your OFFICIAL Magnolia Thunderpussy shirt! Offered exclusively at all MTP gigs, all shirts are 100% cotton with the Magnolia Thunderpussy gothic letters on the front and Mar Vista Records logo w/MTP web address on the back.
(Available in XL, Large, Medium and Small)
$12 each

--- Previous Shows---

July 2005

July 14 Long Beach, Ca DiPiazza's
with Freddie's Four Fingers
June 2005

June 25
Highland Park, Ca
Mr. T's Bowl  - "Studio Sessions" 20 Anniversary show
with the Urinals and Motorcycle Black Madonnas
May 2005
"Starin' Down the Sun"  Pacific Northwest tour
May 20
Downey, Ca Anarchy Library
with Fleagles, Backbiter and  Motorcycle Black Madonnas
May 17
Seattle, Washington Sunset Tavern
with Yeah Oh Hell Yeas and Haggis Bros
May 16
Olympia, Washington Le Voyeur

May 15
Portland, Oregon Berbati's Pan
with Darediablo and Kieskagato
May 14
Portland, Oregon

Music Millennium (In-store)
May 12
Santa Cruz, Ca Aptos Club
with I Want Out and 300 Pounds
May 11
San Francisco, Ca Hemlock Tavern
with SF and Giant Haystacks
May 7
Huntington Beach, Ca Marlin Bar & Grill
with Late Night Drive, iZLER and Vesper
April 2005
April 30
Echo Park, Ca
The Echo
with Jonneine Zapata, Pedestrian and Sabrosa Purr
April 24
Echo Park, Ca Sea Level Records (In-store)

April 23
Los Angeles, Ca
Loyola Marymount University (Afternoon)
with the Whizards, Hello Fever, Fascinoma and Attached by Wires
April 23
Glendale, Ca
The Scene (Evening)
with Motorcycle Black Madonnas and the Whizards
April 24
Palm Springs, Ca
The Kickstand
with Elseworth and the Whizards
March 2005
March 26
Hollywood, Ca
The Key Club (Plush Lounge) **** Cancelled ****
February 2005
February 26
Hollywood, Ca
The Dragonfly
with Julie, Augustana and One Block Radius
February 19
Palm Desert, Ca
The Village Lounge
with Bad News for the Toros and the Whizards
January 2005
January 23
Echo Park, Ca
The Echo - MTP CD Release Party
with Freddie's Four Fingers, Urinals and Stay at Home Bomb
January 19
Long Beach, Ca
Fendi's Cafe
with Freddie's Four Fingers
December 2004
December 20
Silverlake, Ca
Mr. T's Bowl **** Fire Marshall cancelled****
November 2004
November 11
 Los Angeles, Ca
KXLU 89.9 FM - Livation
LIVE on-air performance
October 2004
October 23
Silverlake, Ca
Mr. T's Bowl
with Fatso Jetson, Foreign Born and the Whizards
August 2004
August 15
Los Angeles, Ca
Liquid Kitty - Punk BBQ
with the Raw Power Rangers, Saccharine Trust, Fishcamp, Chuck Dukowski Sextet and Backbiter
July 2004
July 11
Los Angeles, Ca
The Joint
with Julie
December 2003
December 20
Silverlake, Ca
Mr. T's Bowl
with Zero Limit, Fatso Jetson and Spookie Pie, Backbiter and Motorcycle Black Madonnas
September 2003
September 20
Silverlake, Ca
Mr. T's Bowl
with Fasto Jetson and George Murillo's Axis of Evil
July 2003
July 12
Long Beach, Ca
Que Sera
with Saccharine Trust and the Chuck Dukowski Sextet